Businesses in Amsterdam benefit from being in one of the most innovative cities in Europe, across technology, finance, science, sustainability and more.  What makes it truly special? An unrivalled quality of life, excellent connectivity and a passion for making a better world.


"The people are what make the company; everyone is kind, welcoming and driven to do big things."

Hyder Ramatala

Director, Nuclear Fuel & Business Development

“After knowing my WMC colleagues from the nuclear fuel industry for nearly two decades, joining this stellar group of people is what drew me to WMC. We care about our customers personally and are trustworthy, creative and hardworking.”

Elizabeth Roberts

Director, Marketing & Strategy

"I would describe WMC as a young, fast-moving, and ambitious company.  I firmly believe this is an outstanding group with a very high level of competence."

Adriaan Dirven

Senior Associate