By leveraging our network, market knowledge and financial engineering capability, we’re able to bring the raw materials produced by mining companies around the world to the processors and end-users that help build a cleaner future.

Marketing partnerships

WMC helps producers and processors of raw materials to find the highest value-in-use for their products and minimize risks.

Our global presence and team, with extensive marketing experience at the world’s largest mining companies, allow us to keep up with ever-changing market conditions and efficiently execute transactions.


WMC has the connections to provide you with efficient and sustainable sourcing solutions.  

WMC helps processors and end-users find the essential raw materials for their operations at the right spec, location, time, price…and all in a sustainable manner.


WMC has the financing capability and technical expertise to help its customers structure and procure hedging solutions.

Clients who worry about security of supply and/or certainty of pricing benefit from our offerings.

Logistics, Storage and Insurance

WMC has the in-house capabilities to organize and execute logistics, storage and insurance.

Together with our global partners, WMC can effectively and efficiently mitigate risk of physical raw material movements whilst meeting customer’s needs.

Customer and Supplier Financing

WMC has extensive capability to engineer financial solutions that help our customers and suppliers optimize their balance sheet, manage working capital and reduce cost.

We rely on a broad network of financing parties and an in-house team with financing and banking experience at the world’s foremost investment banks.

Investor Services

Our experienced team combines superior physical-commodity market knowledge and executing capability to assist investors in capturing profitable opportunities in the global wholesale commodity markets.

In 2021, WMC was appointed as the technical advisor to the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust. The trust seeks to provide a secure, convenient and exchange-traded investment alternative for investors interested in holding physical uranium.

Asset Development

WMC is an active physical asset development company, focusing on strategically providing value-added critical materials for the global lithium-ion battery market and the broader clean energy transition.

The chemical processing facilities under development are aimed to deliver high-purity battery material products to global precursor Cathode Active Material (pCAM) and Cathode Active Material (CAM) producers. These projects will incorporate the latest technologies to ensure a very low environmental footprint and utilize the concepts of circular economy to develop value-added by-products and significantly reduce waste.

At WMC, we believe that responsible ownership leads to business success, and therefore ESG principles are embedded throughout our business practices, policies and strategies

Sustainability and Governance