WMC is a key link in the nuclear fuel cycle

We are in the business of transforming commodities in space (logistics), in time (storage and financing) and in form (processing) to meet our customer's needs.

Nuclear fuel cycle infographic


Uranium Mining and Milling

Uranium ore is extracted, purified and milled by miners to become uranium oxide (U3O8) or Yellowcake


Uranium Conversion

U3O8 is chemically converted into uranium hexafluoride (UF6), also known as natural uranium feed, and transported to enrichment facilities


Enrichment and Feed Materials

UF6 is fed into gas centrifuges that separate the lighter U-235 isotope which is typically enriched to up to 5%


Fuel Fabrication

The enriched UF6 is converted back to uranium oxide (UO2) and is now called enriched uranium product (EUP). The EUP in powder form is then pressed and sintered into pellets before being put into fuel rods


Electricity Generation

The fuel rods are loaded into reactors and used to generate steam. This drives turbines which power electricity generators


Reprocessing and Recycling

Recovered uranium from reprocessing can be converted to UF6 and then re-enriched into new fuel

Nuclear Fuel Materials


Uranium Oxide

U3O8 or Yellow Cake


Uranium Hexafluoride



Enriched Uranium Product

235U typically enriched to up to 5%
Also known as EUP

“We have worked with WMC since their inception and successfully completed a number of transactions. WMC has an experienced, creative and collaborative team and has provided value in facilitating unique transaction structures meeting our needs.”

— US Utility Nuclear Fuel Buyer