Mandeep Ludu

Head of Nuclear Fuel

Mandeep Ludu, Head of the Nuclear Fuel group at WMC, has 20 years of experience in the nuclear fuel industry with a comprehensive background in sales and marketing, business development and finance.

At WMC, Mandeep uses his expertise and network to assist market participants with their nuclear fuel needs and risk mitigation strategies. He leads WMC’s global nuclear activities including strategy and investment, financing and purchases/sales in U3O8, UF6 and EUP (and its components). In 2021, WMC was appointed as Technical Advisor to the world’s largest uranium fund, Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, whereby Mandeep and his team oversee all uranium related activities for the Trust.

Prior to joining WMC, Mandeep spent over 15 years working at Cameco Corporation and its subsidiaries, primarily focused on global uranium sales and trading at both Cameco Inc. and NUKEM Inc. Early in his professional career, Mandeep was engaged in international trade and investment while working in the Canadian public sector at both the federal and provincial levels.

Mandeep graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Mandeep currently sits on the Board of Governors of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM).